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Why Your Bathroom Closet Matters

If a bathroom closet has a door, then why does it matter what it looks like inside? Well, half the time someone else in my home (kids) leaves the door open anyways! This is very frustrating to me, but a little effort to tidy it up will reduce the stress of seeing it open.

See what I mean? Awful to look at! This is where some bins will really come in handy to assign and contain things in proper homes and zones. I chose white to keep things bright and clean looking. Plastic is a good choice for bathrooms since there is so much moisture and potential for liquid spillage.

The consistency of the exact same bins being used is much easier on the eyes and adds a sense of peace and calm. A bathroom should offer some sense of serenity and tranquility. Not that it has to be a spa, but one can wish! I bought these containers locally but some similar white bins can also be purchased online.

Sloppy mismatched towels are an eyesore as well. I recommend reducing your towels to just two colors to reduce the visual chaos. Thrift stores and animal shelters are always happy to take the towels that have seen better days!

You can really up your game with some folding practice and skills! The towels in the photo are first folded in thirds lengthwise and then half and half again. White bath towels look great in any bathroom if you are needing some fresh ones.

Some people keep their light bulbs in their laundry room, ours have ended up here for some reason! If you haven't made the switch, LED light bulbs are definitely the way to go these days (warm white 100w equivalent is nice).

Ahhh... there we go, much better! Remember, we want a relaxing atmosphere free of clutter. Speaking of clutter, don't forget to remove items from this space that aren't really being used for one reason or another.

Do your kids need easy access to bandages like mine do? You wouldn't think it, but I guess mine do! So here they ended up... looking awful and hogging space. By the way, the paper towel in the back is super great! It's called Brawny Tear-a-Square and it's as great as it sounds! We have it on our monthly subscribe-and-save list, that's how much we like it.

Now we can actually access the diapers and wipes for the baby of the house a little easier! Really this is about simplifying things. We are still plowing through wipes and diapers, hopefully that changes soon if I can get a certain someone potty trained! These also come from the delivery man like magic.

Yes, a bunch of junk on the floor... what can I say, life happens. I didn't end up using the white caddy like I thought I would, so it ended up in the basement, maybe we'll find another use for it. If you don't have a storage space it's important to be even more vigilant about passing things along or donating them. When you find they aren't useful to you in your day-to-day life anymore just let them go.

The first aid bin is extra accessible now! My husband found this really great variety set of Curad Band-Aids. Includes six different types at a reasonable price. And of course the toilet plunger and scrub brush... not much to be done about those unless you buy some of those ones in pretty containers. Then you can leave the plunger and scrubber in a corner by the toilet which I did in my other bathroom.

Below is the full BEFORE photo. This space was definitely causing some serious anxiety.

Now for everyone's favorite part... the AFTER photos! I'm so happy I was able to find the time to make this project happen. I hope it's been inspiration to you and that you will have the confidence to tackle a similar closet in your home.

Thank you for reading "Why Your Bathroom Closet Matters" (mental sanity anyone?!) Please comment and share if you would recommend this post to others. As a professional organizer I enjoy helping others with their homes. If you live in Southwest Michigan, call 269.815.8218 to schedule an assessment of your space!

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