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- Testimonials -

"Heather is awesome! She takes the time to “learn” your space, problem solve and provides valuable insight/suggestions to make your project successful. She also is great at time management- diving into the work and getting things done. If you’re overwhelmed, book a session with Heather!! I’m so glad I did."
- April

"You guys she did amazing!! She put in time I would have never been able to and it looks amazing!! She even moved furniture and made our gymnastics play space sooo much bigger! Thank you Heather Christensen for not shying away from my disaster!"

"Heather was very helpful and flexible. She was willing to do as little or as much as I wanted her to help with. She gave me ideas and helped to decide about what was worth keeping. It was so nice to get my closet cleaned out! I'm thankful for Heather's help and motivation! I highly recommend getting organized, you'll feel so much lighter! Call Heather for help!"

"Heather was amazing! She was very patient, thoughtful, and had sincere questions that made me rethink the abundance of stuff we had in our home. I don't regret parting ways with our belongings as she worked side by side with me. She helped me see reality and gave me motivation to continue working in other areas of our home as we prepared to move. I'm so thankful I found Heather!"


"I had a New Year's resolution to *finally* unpack and sort a basement full of boxes from moving in with my boyfriend from a YEAR ago! Hiring Heather at Worthwhile Organizing was the best thing I have done to make that happen. She made the whole process super easy and relatively painless. In 2 3-hour sessions, we sorted all of my boxes and set me on the road to success for completing this project on my own. I needed someone to motivate me, and act as a sounding board when I was making decisions. She did the job-and I would hire her again in a heartbeat!"



"Heather made suggestions that were easy to do. They seem obvious in hindsight, but they had not been beforehand. I am excited to get started implementing Heather's ideas."


"What a difference Heather made in our home! Life is so much less stressful and MORE enjoyable being able to breeze through the house getting things ready and put away. A big thank you to Heather and from our family and a recommendation for you and yours!"

"Worthwhile Organizing helped me prepare to downsize by decluttering and organizing the basement, attic & closets which were filled with multiple boxes of childhood documents, photos and memorabilia that had been sitting around since the last move. Heather started the process by understanding my priorities and creating a plan specific to my situation. During the entire process they were super helpful in being accountability partners, helping me to think about what I should keep (and why) and what to let go of. The items that were kept are organized, packed into boxes or totes and labeled, and now that I know what I have I can continue the process to scan photos etc. Heather and Becky also helped me to pre-pack and house prep for the move. We accomplished in 3 weeks what would have taken me years or maybe decades to do on my own, and I estimate that I eliminated a two dozen moving boxes worth of stuff (some of which had been sitting around since my last move).  


No matter where you are in your emotional attachment to your things, the team is patient, non-judgemental and supportive. If you simply can't let go of something, they understand and will help you to label and store it so that you can revisit that item at a later time. The team is also strong, hardworking and have upbeat / can-do personalities. They are very focused on helping people to live their best lives in their homes through order, peace and functionality. 


If you are wondering whether you need someone to help you declutter and organize, just make the call. You won't regret it."


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